How we operate

Our objectives focus on 4 pillars:


  1.           Education
  2.          Training
  3.           Employment
  4.           Promote/improve mental health & wellbeing


Our work spreads across young adults in London, UK and in Togo, West Africa.


Activities in Newham, London


   * Prepare young generations for productive adulthood through life skills, education, training,and employment/apprenticeship              

     * Empower young generations to achieve lifelong successes

     * Help young generations to achieve their full potential

     * Expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of young adults


Abroad Activities: Badja, Togo


Since 2013, we have been supporting children and young adults in Badja by providing school materials and clothing. We will continue to provide these items and thank everyone for your continued donations and generosities. 


Our long-term plan for Badja is to support unprivileged children and young adults to fulfil their potential and to make a difference through the advancement of education and training. For example the “After School Club” that will provide an additional curriculum such, English Language & local dialect classes. In addition to this, there will be lessons to learn musical instruments, IT skills and life skills. 


We plan to create a training centre tailored to the needs of young adults as we believe this is one of the best ways to fight poverty in rural communities.