What we do

 Our programs envision to improve:


  1.        Life skills
  2.        Confidence
  3.        Develop self-esteem
  4.        Mental health & wellbeing


In Newham, we focus on young adults including BAME who are at a critical point in their lives and struggling to find guidance and information for employment, apprenticeships, or training. Therefore, our programs are designed so they can get the most out of our workshops and achieve their full potential.


Additionally, we operate in Badja, in Togo (West Africa). Badja is a small village situated in the Prefecture of Ave. It is 45 km from Lome, the capital of Togo. We have been providing school kits for underprivileged children and have donated clothing for young adults. 


Our Long-term Project


We envisage to create an “After School Club” where children can learn additional subjects such as IT, English Language, musical instruments, and general life skills. Furthermore, we would create a training centre tailored to the needs of young adults in the community. 


Jordan Mission would also offer the Volunteering opportunities to young adults from the United Kingdom, who are willing to travel and support in Badja, Togo.