The team

Our Team 


Yolande Tychus-Lawson 

Jordan Mission is the brainchild of the founder, Yolande Tychus-Lawson, who realised whilst pursuing a Master’s degree in International Economic Law, Justice & Development at the University of London, the significance of providing support to assist underprivileged individuals to fulfil their full potential. She was convinced that justice is particularly important for development, as it is essential for the legality of regimes, good governance, respect for human rights, and the fight against poverty.  


According to her, no one is “poor”, as everyone is unique with great potential, which together will have a mighty influence in the world. Hence, she actively encourages everyone to build each other up. 


Yolande's daily activities are centred on supporting the homeless young adults to integrate into a society and to fulfil their full potential. 

Joshua Moses

Joshua joined Jordan Mission in 2015 as a General Administrator & Programs Coordinators. An LLB Law graduate of the University of London, he is an education advocate whose expertise lies in school exclusions in England. He is committed to ensuring young people get the best start in life and is a passionate supporter of child rights and teaching young people about citizenship, democracy, and good governance. He joined Jordan Mission to help further its aims and fulfil its commitments to the young people of Newham and Badja.


Joshua says I truly believe in the good work Jordan Mission does, it’s commitment to young people energised me to ensure aims are achieved. When Joshua is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and is involved in organising and planning cultural events.

Mandy Agyekum-Bonsu

Mandy joined Jordan Mission in 2012 as HR Administrator. However, she volunteers across a diverse range of areas as a treasurer, fundraiser, and events co-coordinator. With a background in recruitment, sales and organising events, she is practically always seeking new ideas to inspire creativity with positive impact.


She is an avid campaigner, in bringing change to the lives of people who need direction and advice to make a difference to society, especially in empowering young people. She is an avid adventurous who loves exploring and travelling around the world to experience new things.


Mandy holds a degree from Middlesex University, in Human Resource Management and Business Studies.


Our Trustees


Bijal Gajjar

Bijal is currently working as IT Principal Audit with M&G Plc (London). She is delighted to be working with Jordan Mission as it is so rare that you get to work for an organisation where you can come in every day and know that you are actually trying to make a difference to the world.


Nice people, progressive culture and moral imperatives all are regularly touted as the key drivers of motivation. But for her it’s pretty simple, it’s about interesting work that makes a difference and charities like these are the engine of change and to succeed requires them to be courageous, creative, innovative and determined. Jordan Mission vision is to encourage children to resume education along with better life and that’s why every individual’s contribution within Jordan Mission is valued and supported in achieving that goal.


Fazle Elahi

Fazle is a legal professional by background. He holds a double LLB(Hons) - one from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and another from the University of Wales, UK. He also holds an LLM from De Montford University, UK. In addition, he has completed a course on International Human Rights Law from Florida State University, USA with a scholarship from the International Bar Association.


He is a practising solicitor and regulated immigration adviser. He was also called to the English Bar a barrister. Currently, he works as a self-employed consultant for several law firms. His areas of expertise are Immigration, Asylum, Nationality, Human Rights and Judicial Review. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Bangladesh Law Association, UK and is a Governing Body Member of the Society of British Bangladeshi Solicitors.

Kareem Rathore

Kareem has worked in the financial services industry for circa 10 years and always been passionate about helping others. He says "I was taught from a very early age to help others in need and I have installed this in my life since then". He would like to work and help Jordan Mission as they have been making a difference in young people’s lives since 2010. They are working with people both here in the UK and internationally, they have a fantastic team and definitely a charity that is making a difference. 


He says "I have chosen to work as a Trustee as it allows me to utilise my skillset within the finance industry and apply it to a charity like Jordan Mission. This allows me to utilise my skills in the finance and business world and apply them to a charity I am passionate about. I am looking forward to my journey with Jordan Mission and making a difference".