Project abroad



1) Opportunity of travelling


Jordan Mission would like to offer young adults an opportunity to leave their comfort zone and explore life in another country (Togo, West Africa). This opportunity is to enable them to make good use of their skills, knowledge, and experience. This opportunity is open to anyone aged 18 and above.


Whether you are looking to gain some work experience, help the less privileged, or simply experience a new culture. The programs of our projects abroad will cover teaching, caring, community work, construction, and sports.


It can be short-term or long-term (1 to 12 months or more). We have staff who will organize all aspects of your trip.


2) Our Project For Badja - Will You Take Part?


Future Leaders Today (Coming Up)


Future Leaders Today is about investing in tomorrow's leaders, today. It is a project that would enable different types of development (social, emotional, intellectual/Cognitive, physical as well as child development activities) in the whole community of Badja. Consequently, to build a good relationship that would enable us to understand the needs of the community, Jordan Mission has set up a yearly programme that occurs in Badja, usually in September. This programme consists of school materials being distributed to orphans and the disadvantaged children/young adults.


Please contact us if you would like to take part in this programme as your donations would make a huge difference.


Aims of the project are as follows:


1) Support unprivileged children and young adults to have a meaningful life and to make a difference through the advancement of education, training – for example, the “After School Club” that will provide an additional curriculum such, English Language & local dialect classes. In addition, there will be lessons for learning musical instruments, IT Skills and life skills.


2) Fight poverty in rural communities by creating a training centre tailored to the needs of young adults.


Expected outcomes from the project:


  • Community development
  • Education improvement
  • Reduction of youth unemployment
  • Quality of life


If you are interested to volunteer abroad and would like more information, please contact us at


Badja – Pictures of donations given out