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Are you 18 - 25 years old? Need guidance for the right path, would like to get involved in work experience, training or ready for independent living but has a concern? Jordan Mission Team is ready to support you. 


Selection criteria 


* Be aged of 18-25

* Keen on work experience

* Ready for a planned move on either from Hostel or any Youth Settings

* Engaged in or be willing to look for work, training, education, or apprenticeships

* Low to medium support needs

* Willing to attend Jordan Mission’s programs and activities.

* Willing to meet with staff and participate in a support plan.

* Willing to leave your comfort zone and share your expertise abroad (optional)

* Willing to take responsibility with Jordan Mission’s support to achieve your goals.


We strive to provide the highest quality service for the individuals we work with, therefore, we would love to hear any feedback / suggestions regarding the work we do.